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Lusk Studios
Lusk Studios -
Decorative Art Studio

1209 Baker Road
Suite 512
Virginia Beach, VA 23455

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(757) 233-5173


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We are innovative ... We are unique ... We are inspired!

Lusk Studios is a decorative arts studio in Virginia Beach servicing the Mid-Atlantic specializing in residential interiors and business interiors. We offer a wide range of finishes including Wall and Ceiling Finishes, Venetian Plaster, Decorative Plaster, Acrylic Plasters, Faux Finish, Decorative Art Objects, Decorative Paintings and Custom Finished Furniture

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Lusk Studios specializes in both residential and commercial interiors including hospitality, retail, corporate, higher education, government and performance venues.

Business Interiors, Residential Interiors, Venetian Plaster, Decorative Plaster, Faux Finish, Ceiling Finishes, Wall Finishes, Polished Plaster, Decorative Art Objects, Acrylic Plasters, Metallic Plasters, Fresco Plaster, Decorative Paintings, Classic Stuccos, Strie, Custom Finished Furniture, Custom Cabinet Finishes

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Interior Decorators, Design & Consultants
Interior Designers
Interior Decorators
Decorating Services Residential
Commercial Interior Decorator

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